The Journey of Love and Understanding: A Daughter's Reflection

The Journey of Love and Understanding: A Daughter's Reflection

Growing up, I often found myself at odds with my mother. I harbored resentment, convinced that my brother was favored over me. Sleepovers with my mother always ended in my brother's victory, leaving me feeling neglected and misunderstood. When frustration boiled over, my mother's words stung: "Daughters are not stubborn; they listen and look good." At the time, I vowed to defy these expectations, embracing stubbornness and rebellion.

As time passed, I indeed became obstinate, refusing to heed anyone's advice. My mother fretted, likening me to mercury, elusive and uncontrollable. Despite her concerns, she continued her selfless acts, teaching the Quran to neighborhood girls while I questioned the purpose of her charity.

In the face of criticism, my mother remained serene, offering only silence to ignorant remarks. I couldn't comprehend her patience, always challenging her choices. Yet, she persisted, nurturing gardens of love where others saw chaos.

Her resilience was unwavering, even in sickness. When cancer ravaged her body, she remained grateful for my presence, recognizing the care I provided. In her eyes, I found solace, realizing that her love transcended my childhood grievances.

Her absence left a void, her worries echoing in my mind. Yet, I carried on, learning to embrace her teachings. I no longer resist; instead, I embrace silence as the most potent response to adversity.

Life continues, unchanged by her departure. Laughter still rings through the halls, though now tinged with longing. I navigate the world alone, no longer shielded by her nurturing embrace.

In moments of weakness, I yearn for her comforting presence, longing for someone to acknowledge my pain. Yet, I remain stoic, unwilling to burden others with my grief.

Her wisdom guides me still, reminding me that silence speaks volumes where words fail. In her absence, I find strength, drawing upon her lessons to navigate life's challenges.

Though she is gone, her love endures, a beacon of hope in a world filled with uncertainty. And as I carry on, her memory lives on, a testament to the enduring power of a mother's love.

Shafqat Hussain

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